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It certainly is not an easy task to define that unique, soul-searching moment when eyes and hands, in complete fusion with a taste for fine gunmaking and a deep hunting culture, assert and impose the extraordinary emotion of discovering an outstanding firearm.

We have known for years that it is indeed a complex feeling, fired by a very special state of mind. We call it osmosis. Its foundations are not only defined by the beauty of exceptional walnut stocks, carefully finished metal, delicate engraving, deep blueing on barrels. A fine gun is not only materials and shapes, and certainly not technical in essence. Elegance is the key.

Do not be mistaken. Technical excellence is needed and we improve and closely monitor it throughout, yet it must not hide the spirit or, better, that very special emotion which is so personal, instills ideas and makes us so different from the other

A last-generation 5-axis, high-speed CNC machining centers takes care of the basics and technical quality. A team of Master Gunsmiths adds age-old manual detailing and fitting, building a bridge to that special emotion. Stockmakers, finishers, engravers then apply their special skills to what slowly becomes a unique firearm.

Pick up one of our shotguns, one of our rifles. The action is subtly rounded. The engraving runs around the entire receiver. Check the fine checkering, let your fingers run over the details of a steel buttplate or pistol grip cap. There is more to see, feel, experience. These are not mere embellishments, but necessary complements to carefully selected walnut, dug out of rugged terrain under personal supervision in places in the Caucasian mountains few people dare to visit.

This our raison díêtre. We strive to reinvent in your company the indicible emotion of hunting with a unique, truly personal firearm.

René, Vincent & David Chapuis.

For any additional information, please feel free to contact us online or call us on 01843 822242.

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